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may022009well…sorta! in it, i lived another college+fraternity experience. i was in this sweet house: three stories. the dream is fading fast from my brain, aye!

I would go on adventures with the fraternity, and two i can remember involved horrible pain! we had to conquer this ogre of the lake. we waited at a dock, the place to battle, with other fraternity guys. some of the guys in my fraternity were there, like joel p., bryan herr…and then this ogre came up and there was supposed to be a simple way of defeating this ogre, but instead, he “picked” on me, picked me up and beat my face in. i remember looking in a mirror after the experience and the guys saying “robbie got &*^%$# up!” my teeth were all bloody and, thank goodness, i simply whipped my teeth and they looked good as new! after that, night passed at the house.
on a new day, my fraternity guy, tony, and i were hanging out at the garage/door entry and i think there was a girl there, too. i don’t think it was his gf jessica, though. across the street lived the Sig Taus. they all were wearing sporty blue uniforms. during this whole dream, their guys were practicing sports together (my ideal vision for my fraternity, but it doesn’t really happen.) while me and tony were playing, a Sig Tau started talking crap to tony, and i think he came across his fraternity’s wall boundary to step up with tony. i forgot who threw the first punch. i’m thinking tony did, because that kid was talking mean smack and tony was bustin’ him up on our property and in the garage area. their sig taus were watching from the yard, and, somehow, the next scene ended up with me chained up on their fraternity grounds while they were all looking at me and heckling.
i was scared! along with the yelling and ordering they made at me, i was escorted by a tau around the site. i helped a sig tau operate this cool arial contraption while music was playing, so it was like a music video in my mind. that sig tau was nice to me, and the others were away. they came back and the nice sig tau came down and resumed moving me around. the sig taus were practicing tennis and hitting their balls at me with extreme force. i was scared!

then, night time hit. i walked into a building structure and was waiting at this huge open doorway with a magic world and music playing from it. a sig tau closed it when i just walked by it once, but was reopened and the sig taus started walking in. it was their ritual chamber fo show! i was even about to walk in, but they decided i couldn’t…i wasn’t supposed to because i was another fraternity. they all walked in, the temple-like door closed, and left me all alone. this weird lady made her way to me and asked me something scary and i ran outta there! through the building’s entry ramp, pass the fields of practice, and hopped the fence and ran into my fraternity house, which was right freakin’ there! i ran inside and hardly anyone was inside. like nothing was assessed that i was missing and captured by the sig taus. it was gay! there were a couple guys at least there. tony wasn’t there. something was happening that i didn’t know.
i started seeing sig taus filling their land again and i was wanting to run outta there!  because they were probably starting to hunt me down.  it felt like resident evil in the frat house as well as seeing them in their yard.  i made a run for it in a sonic-like sequence, and on the run i saw lots of people walking in groups, lines, like they were all looking for me!  and thankfully, i came up to a stadium where an event was happening.  i snuck in the stadium ronnie’s move theatre-style (a guy snuck in right before me, too)  and ran through the common hallway.  i saw enforcement as well as hearing their reports among the crowds, so i turned and tried to hide and ended up in a bathroom and decided to hide in the stall.  the stall was opened by a cop and he told me and another guy that happened ot be hiding in the bathroom, too, i had to leave within a time frame or i was to be in trouble.  

then i heard my name whispered and it was my brother at the top of the stairwell.  it wasn’t even 9AM yet!  so happy good morning to yall!

i also had another dream before that!  i went to this huge, scary-looking catholic church service by myself, and i saw hot girls and met some people.  it also had a resident evil theme outdoors.  was a hunting for a hot girl?  they knew my dad at the church, because he probably went every damn sunday.  that dream wasn’t as cool as the frat one.


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