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“Come, spend a night or two in the world’s most opulent, extravagant hotel. Perhaps you will find your fortune there, perhaps you will find true love, perhaps all of your dreams will come true…perhaps… It is 1928. The world is between wars, the stock market is booming, Berlin is the center of high life, and […]

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The weather is definitely awesome again! Musical practices are going sweet!  I’m participating in my second musical, which is showing this April!  Grand Hotel at your service! My birthday is right around the corner!  This Saturday, March 27th!!! The Cardinal season for vending is in three weeks!  I wonder how many games my legs can […]

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HOLY COW!!  This game was so brilliant!  I was so amazed to see such great graphics plus, most importantly, a super sweet story line! The character development and their conversations were so excellent!  And there were many life lessons told, such as, “Don’t sit back and wait…take action and do something about it yourself!”  More […]

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Popped in another movie from Matt… Such a great movie.  Great story, dialogue, and theme revelation.  Watch this!!  Tom Cruise rocks it with Diaz and other hot shots!  A great cry.

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Snuggled at home, I popped Training Day in the computer that my friend, Matt, let me borrow. Denzel Washington and the other lead guy do a great job telling a movie-long story within a time setting of one typical day!  Great shots, acting, and action!