my own website!?!? SWEET!!
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stl-indy flag

I made a music video with the footage I took in Ireland last July. The best week of the summer… Watch here!!

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When the day came, I had already been pumped as I had obligated myself to shoot video of the event. So, I took my bike over there just to check it out, and I found myself in the last-chance time window of opportunity to sign up for my first ever race! I was very anxious […]

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My vocal class at Forest Park Community College has three recitals during the semester, so we can strut our stuff to a crowd! It was a sweet experience singing my first solo! Here it is on my mini cam!

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Soulard Oktoberfest 5K: Das goot, yah!? Ran right under 17:00! I didn’t believe it until I heard the race was only 2.8 miles long. Results! And Prosit! to my older brother, Heir Gregory Haupt! 30!!!

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Ran a sweet, rainy 5K this past Sunday morning at Plaza Frontenac which was put on by Lululemon, the hip upper-class athletic apparel store of St. Louis. Got to drink yummy margaritas post race with my old co-workers from Canyon Cafe, the sweetest Southwest food restaurant!! Here are my radical results!

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…It’s sort of a tongue-twister! I just finished my season of shows employed under La De Da Entertainment for my first paid acting job! The ‘Land Of Smiles’ Theatre program brought me to elementary schools all throughout Missouri in a rainbow-colored, custom wrapped Wizard-mobile loaded with set props, costumes, cough drops, and goodie bags full […]

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Spring for Sight 5K at Minnie Ha Ha Park in good ole’ Sunset Hills! It was cool to see old friends at the Optometry of UMSL-organized event, and meet new friendly faces! Won a free eye exam along with my dose of fitness

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I love decorating my website with all these holidays posts! Our family music video hit a million views TODAY!  Nov. 27th, 2010. A whole year ago, actually 366 days ago, I was at the Galleria shooting for the video on the crazy Black Friday.  I had taken some of the most pretty natural shots! It […]

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Photo 58Photo 58

Holy cow!  This race was another comedic finish! The race started at 9AM. My dad called me at 8AM asking if I was going, but I told him I wanted to skip it, muscles were tired, and needed rest! I then debated until 8:30ish, got outta bed, and started getting ready!  I had to book […]

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Screen shot 2010-09-01 at 4.25.53 AM47989_146661552034161_130184933681823_277379_3965496_n

Last Sunday, I completed my third tri!  I had my most beautiful swim (I believe!) and bike ride!  And the run…my worst! Into the race, I thought there was one running lap.  As I crossed the finish line in extreme happiness and adrenaline, I ran around a bit to then been yelled at by my […]

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I just sold my first ever SWEET road bike I owned since Summer 2007.  My beautiful, red and yellowy champion roadster; conqueror of a sprint and quarter tri, hundreds (probably at least a thousand) of street and path riding miles; now in the hands of another college kid.  May He feel the great winds and […]

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Picture 15 K start 005

I was third overall finishing the U-City 5K!  The two guys that beat me were cool!  One was a stud 17 year-old going into his senior year of XC, and the other was one of his coaches.  Those studs!    Here are the finishing times online, and they marked me in 2nd place because the […]

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A music video starring my cousin, Becky Kelley; my uncle, Steve Haupt; and my nephew, Spencer Reijers.

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Remembering Uncle Kuhn

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My video work summary.

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here is a video that me and my friend matt did for our video animation class.  we had the same teacher and same assignment who was at my school and at matt’s. my original idea for the video was a final fantasy-like battle.  it was hard to shoot it because i wanted it shot in […]

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i won the race!  and i ran the wrong way, too!  lol!   greg came with me, so that made it tighter. there was this girl after the first mile that directed me and the few people behind me the wrong way.  so, i ran that way and made it to the finish first, BUT […]