my own website!?!? SWEET!!
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I love decorating my website with all these holidays posts! Our family music video hit a million views TODAY!  Nov. 27th, 2010. A whole year ago, actually 366 days ago, I was at the Galleria shooting for the video on the crazy Black Friday.  I had taken some of the most pretty natural shots! It […]

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My brother recorded this for me.  What a sweetie pie!

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…T’was downtown at the Kiener Plaza for the annual Christmas Day lighting! Santa Claus came, too!  He was rockin’ out with Fredbird to this popular guy playing the piano, Ernie Hays.  I think he plays at Busch!  Since they played “Take Me Out To The Ballgame” And there were dancing Xmas trees with sweet designs: […]

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The director from Seven Brides sent us a link to a review from KDHX. I laughed my pants off at our fight scene.  It looks so cruddy on camera!  It’s a different experience if you are watching in the seats Review starts at the 3-minute mark! My brother also took this video while he watched: […]

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Screen shot 2010-11-10 at 12.38.30 AMScreen shot 2010-11-10 at 12.38.30 AM

One of the cast members from the Samurai Electricians, Mr. Jeff Higgins, took fantastic pictures of the event! Enjoy a story-telling photo collage here! : Some favorite shots of me!

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Photo 58Photo 58

Holy cow!  This race was another comedic finish! The race started at 9AM. My dad called me at 8AM asking if I was going, but I told him I wanted to skip it, muscles were tired, and needed rest! I then debated until 8:30ish, got outta bed, and started getting ready!  I had to book […]