my own website!?!? SWEET!!
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I found a sweet deal online, and pulled the trigger this past Sunday. I took it to tennis and captured my first video.  I am happy to see this wide-angle coverage! Look forward to capturing more beautiful angles of life’s adventures with this little thing!

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Time to see this ‘sea of green’ run in St. Louis!  My first time running this one! (I think?  I just had another run’s memories flash in my head!) I’ll be dressing up, complimentary of a new runner friend I’ve made! -Robblehead

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I just got involved with a human game of chess production! A very talent visual artist and choreographer have trained me well so far! I get to play as a Knight, which involves some fun jumping, face, and horsey motions! Here is a flyer for this one-night event next week, and some cool stills from […]

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My brother, Greg, and cousin, Stevie, helped me shoot a video short that I made to promote fundraising/fun-raising for my super bike ride in June! Check it out! And here are some sweet stills of the shooting!