my own website!?!? SWEET!!
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Run With Robbie!

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Robots rule!

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I am moving into my friend, Matt’s, at the moment!  the bedroom looks good.  im using a keyboard slide tray for my laptop while i can play call of duty on a tv right up on the desk!  my lease is up the end of the month up in noco.  my umsl experience: done!?  not […]

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i went up to mark twain with one of my fratty’s, matt, to finish a greek god competition.  i weighed in at 155 (instead of 162!).  this week has been super healthy for my body!  running+work.  for a max bench lift, i got 165, yay!  then, i had to do pull-ups=17.  long jump=no ruler.  50 […]

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yo wassup! im chillin with the fratties at the South City YMCA for a dose of volleyball!  im doing good so far!  we almost won the first game then stunk the second game.  dad and greg stopped by to watch, whoopie! geek week is week of competitive sports held once a year among the school’s […]

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running over to the Mark Twain Gym to watch my fratty Tony’s girlyfriend, Jessica, graduate! i bought a new ID finally.  welcome me in, clubs call of duty lan was super fun last night!  pizza, slushy, and killing galore! there’s a dinner after grad with the sweet boys, and whatever else after!  i want to […]

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Thirsty for orange juice!  Yeah! Yesterday, I edited the video for my classmate, Martha.  She (and her booty) helped me with my Love Robbie Sexy video, so this was payback! I had a headache at after-school, because I puffed a cigar the most I’ve ever done the night before. I exercised to keep fit for […]

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i am in silent hill hell world now (my basement). today was full of help! -i helped my body feel good by running. -brother helped me with a website question. -my teacher is helping me with my last assignment for practicum. -i dropped my thespians program guide off at MSC, which will help a friend! […]

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here is a video that me and my friend matt did for our video animation class.  we had the same teacher and same assignment who was at my school and at matt’s. my original idea for the video was a final fantasy-like battle.  it was hard to shoot it because i wanted it shot in […]

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Not as sweet as Star Wars!

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Wolverine rules!

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i can go above and beyond by doing a quick video for practicum, but must be done by week’s end. i turned in my final paper today for english. yesssss! it was about the changing music culture in st. louis. those shows were tight at mississippi nights and galaxy. chillin at bro’s. hanging in south […]

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chillin at bro’s. we’re about to meet up with momma and mark for fooood. yesterday, i went to the loop to meet up with this girl, kyra, to accompany her for a first tattoo. it was a fun time! especially to see her take the needles o’ pain! we stopped by ragorama after where i […]

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i played some COD at my fratty tony’s this morning…kicked some butt!  his foot is super hurtful and I hope he heals well! cardinal and softball game today!  whoopie! my bro scanned this article for me from school.  i got to be the hot dog guy at school for another year to direct seniors to […]

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my stomach is full of donuts.  i feel like crap!  ahh, burp.  i feel better. stopped by the family work.  wanted to say hi.  time to work on homework!  due tomorrow and friday. -robbie

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