my own website!?!? SWEET!!

Need a party motivator, emcee, or dancer??  I love to entertain!!

Here is a recent review from a client for an event booked by my favorite talent agency, Belle Of The Ball via TalentPlus Universal:

I was going to send you an email actually to say that they were fabulous. They really went with the theme once they knew about the John Travolta element and they were super good sports about making themselves a part of his act. They jumped right in, dancing with the crowd and interacting with the guests. I was impressed and really pleased. They kept their energy level up the whole time and the guests had a great time.

Here are some videos of entertainment I’ve done or been a part of:

Gaelic Football demonstration at Soccer Park in Fenton before the FC match:

Reffing an awesome philanthropic dodgball tourney:

Dance number at Fringe Fest:

Promoting Irish hurling by parade!

Horseback serenading:

The ultimate hurling adventure in Ireland!

Steve Harvey Show — Backstage Tease!

48 Hour FIlm Project – 2013!

Phantom slow-mo clip from a party with St. Louis’ Bruton Stroube!

An Irish hurling adventure at St. Patty’s Parade Run, GoPro-style!

Rocky Horror Car Wash–a first-person shooter!

My first PSA–booked by Menagerie Models for Crimestoppers of STL:

A day of Irish hurling in my gaelic athletic club:

Running with my GoPro on my chest at the St. Pat’s race downtown:

A 48-hour film project my roommate helped me shoot.  Rockin’ out with my lederhosen and Rowbike!

My brother and cousin took a break at work to help me shoot a “fun”draiser video on my super bike:

I shot a super quickie backstage of a Nutcracker show I helped with- Xmas 2011.

I was around 18 when I felt the craving to entertain others by letting my brothers and friends shoot me with paintballs. My older brother conveniently had his camera along:

An extra credit assignment for my little brother that I helped participate in as ‘Moustache Tony':

This one was taken by my older brother during a gallon challenge I attempted at his house in 2004.  Did I finish it in time?  Watch to find out!

This one was captured during my first hawking experience at the Atlanta Braves Spring Training in Disney’s Wide World of Sports Complex in March 2007.  A fan approached me and said he put this up on YouTube!

My first music video for my first video class at UMSL.  This a parody of ‘Deck The Halls’ and inspired by Halo:

My first music video contest entry for Will Ferrell’s ‘Semi-Pro':

My friend at UMSL, Willy, used me for his video project:

This one was taken by a friend during Halo 3’s release at Crestwood Mall in St. Louis.  It was the perfect occasion to wear the Master Chief suit!

This was made for a special effects video class I took while enrolled at UMSL in Spring 2009.  It’s a comedic game of beer pong!

This one was taken by my older brother of my musical performance called “Grand Hotel” by Over Due Theatre Company in St. Louis.  It was my second musical, and another great experience!

More dancing in Seven Brides, another musical:

And here are some pics from events!