my own website!?!? SWEET!!
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This cute worker at Hooters and I were talking about musicals.  She talked about how the Tivoli does Halloween showings of “Rocky Horror Picture Show”, how it was her favorite, and that we would make a great Brad and Janet.  I finally watched this movie all the way through, and it would be fun to […]

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My coworker, Chuck, and I were talking about music during lunch shift.  Busta Rhymes, Eminem: my favorite rappers!  Then, I mentioned: “The royal penis is clean your highness”, a funny quote from a rap song that I used to listen to all the time in my friend Jon Colvin’s car.  Chuck said that quote derived […]

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Run With Robbie!

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Dude!  This month has been great so far. I started a new serving job at Market Pub House last Friday night.  The place is super rad!  Nice management, coworkers so far, and love the guest interaction!  My brother, Megan, and their friends came to see me my first night, which was so frightful for me! […]