my own website!?!? SWEET!!
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Come see me play Bobby the Cabaret Boy! And whichever comes first: The talent will blast your pants off… Or the Kit Kat Girls will steam you up & make you take them off!

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I had a lonely Friday night, and took my bike down to Fontbonne to see a performance that was put on by four Grand Hotel cast buddies! Ryan Cooper (Abie), Maggie Murphy (Rose Mary), and Tom Kopp (Rabbi) all had big roles and did a great job!  Steve Callahan directed the play, and made a […]

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I was third overall finishing the U-City 5K!  The two guys that beat me were cool!  One was a stud 17 year-old going into his senior year of XC, and the other was one of his coaches.  Those studs!    Here are the finishing times online, and they marked me in 2nd place because the […]

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Life is going good! Play practices are going sweet! It’s fun getting to know my fellow cast, and we are seeing the light at the end of the practice tunnel. One more week until showtime! Market Pub House is cool! I had a sweet time working last Saturday night when they had a live band […]

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My childhood friend, Jon Colvin, was hitched on May 15th, and I witnessed the beautiful event in his bridal party! Jon and Cat…Rock On!