my own website!?!? SWEET!!
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my summer is just carrying along as i play warcraft relentlessly, though it might end soon. i want to practice a routine this summer to use for routines at a gym. i have to finish my final video for school then i can walk in august.  will star my brother, greg, and at least my […]

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c’est rad! staying with matt is awesome.  the freedom is cool.  i’m comfortable with having anyone over.  i had my cool friend, kyra, over and introduced her to matt.  we put in new plants today, including this sweet pencil plant, like the ones in gladiator (maximus’ farm).  i had to buy the plant when we […]

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this weekend, from friday 7:30 to sunday 7:30, is the 48 hour film projekt in st louis for school credit.  my team is a teacher and 7+ students.  i hope to do whatever i can to help! still looking for full time job.  my last day of work for the Y is today.  i made […]