my own website!?!? SWEET!!
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And will I do more? I think so! Yoga is pretty fun, and rewarding at the least. Attached pictures of my poses!

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The social atmosphere of this community once again takes the cup for ‘best group of lads to hang out with in St. Louis!’ I suggest all join this club while your legs can still run! Or join with a social membership, and hang out with me more. 2014 was a year of building new relationships […]

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The hype is back. In September, I was thrown into the Ferguson experience by signing up to shoot behind-the-scenes for PBS! A town hall meeting was conducted at my alma mater, UMSL, in the Lee Theatre of the Touhill Performing Arts Center. Here are some stills I took at the event!

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From the news stories to huge annual events, it’s been craziest at THIS point in life. I did the World Naked Bike Ride for the first time this year (advocating a vision of a cleaner, safer, body-positive world), and had a blast!  Even got a look from Channel 5 cameras, lol, and even got to […]

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TalentPlus Universal’s ‘Belle of the Ball’ booked myself and my cousin for our first gig together!  Working with Leo, also known as the hunkiest emcee, Mr. Boogie, of Hollywood Casino’s ‘Boogie Nights’, my cousin and I were ‘Thing 1 & 2′. St. Charles Library Foundation Gala pics from their Photo Booth

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I love shooting weddings for friends and family! Here is a video via hurling helmet at the reception of my sports buddy, Kami

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Fourth year caroling!  St. Louis Christmas Carols Association has been a stellar organization collecting for children’s charities using volunteers wielding donation cans and Victorian caroler bookings! Here is a video my group director shared with me of us singing at Shrewsbury Metro last week!

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At the Science Center these holidays playing Harry the Chinese Preying Mantis! Fun pics and video preview!

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An afternoon of sexy BBQ, playing catch with a football, and talking to fun new people led to this billboard ad for STL’s finest in agriculture, Monsanto (no puns intended).  I’m Number 27 Thanks again, Menagerie Models, and Bruton Stroube for the opportunity!

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What a freakin’ year it has been in my Irish sports adventure… Enjoy the media!

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It is a great feeling now to be able to work for a business steadily to build continuing relationships on both the co-worker and customer side. The greater feeling: for my family! Arts and great customer services combine, and even my own desk to hone my skills. I am a happy motha trucka now to […]

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I was really excited to get to sing with my caroling group, STLCCA, for the Xmas tree lighting event on Delmar Loop.  Thanks to Jessica Bueller, the Loop media guru, for giving me the opportunity! Almost one month and counting left now at my residence: 6255 Delmar.  I moved here in Jan. 2010 in hopes […]

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My coworkers helped me make this!  Made on a suggestion to a good friend from UMSL! Happy Fall Time!  Damn, the leaves are pretty right now!

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Fifth Third banks are popping up rapidly in St. Louis area, and I have luckily been booked on the street team squad to help promote their presence here! They have great great incentives for new customers: checking account direct deposits get $75 to $150 bucks for free! Have attached some pics of our moments

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Thanks to my promo friend, I was able to see Will Ferrell in the flesh on July 17th when he came in town to promote his new movie, ‘The Campaign’. He is such a silly goose in person, as well as Zak G. Here is some footage from my GoPro:

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Good Game!  Although it’s lost some classic features from D2, it picks up in new features such as rune skills, important rare item drops, and INTENSE enemy AI battles. Screenshots:

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I started playing this new Irish sport called hurling in March, and am currently underway the season!  It is a sweet experience!  I just wish I didn’t get so many injuries Here are some pics of me from playing last week’s game and footage I took at a practice: