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I just finished a video for my top-dog client, Discovering Options! This video was done for project made possible by the Fox Performing Arts Charitable Foundation, which is a popular granter for arts in St. Louis.  They sponsored a modern dance piece I saw a couple weekends ago at COCA, and even a community theatre […]

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This is Senate Bill 1070 footage I shot for US Legal Solutions over Summer 2010.  I was happy to hear from the client that it was going to be aired in South America!  International broadcast exposure, woohoo! Here it is on YouTube from a Colombian news program called “Teleantioquia Global”:

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The weekend was a cluster of run-in’s and tight-knit theatre community! I went to Muny auditions, and had the hospitality of three Sweet Charity teammates. It made it worthwhile going as I did not enjoy not being skilled enough to audition! A ‘Cabaret’ and ‘Wheel Of Fortune’ promo teammate were also there! That evening, I […]