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An educational experience to act as an ‘aspie’ in a father/son-produced musical. Pictures of the journey from practice to Pride Fest appearance!

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The director from Seven Brides sent us a link to a review from KDHX. I laughed my pants off at our fight scene.  It looks so cruddy on camera!  It’s a different experience if you are watching in the seats Review starts at the 3-minute mark! My brother also took this video while he watched: […]

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Last Saturday night, I met my friends Matt and Adam up at Ronnie’s for this new Resident Evil movie added to the series!  It was super sweet, plus in 3D!  I enjoyed watching this huge axe fly right by my neck line from my front row seat.  The scariest part was when a surprising group […]

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I just checkout out a play near Webster campus that three of my Cabaret pallies were in.  Paul Balfe played this cool barber character as well as a commanding captain; Nate McClure played one of the prisoners, and Doug Erwin played the innkeeper.  The story was so confusing to me!  I knew this Don character […]

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I had a lonely Friday night, and took my bike down to Fontbonne to see a performance that was put on by four Grand Hotel cast buddies! Ryan Cooper (Abie), Maggie Murphy (Rose Mary), and Tom Kopp (Rabbi) all had big roles and did a great job!  Steve Callahan directed the play, and made a […]

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This cute worker at Hooters and I were talking about musicals.  She talked about how the Tivoli does Halloween showings of “Rocky Horror Picture Show”, how it was her favorite, and that we would make a great Brad and Janet.  I finally watched this movie all the way through, and it would be fun to […]

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My coworker, Chuck, and I were talking about music during lunch shift.  Busta Rhymes, Eminem: my favorite rappers!  Then, I mentioned: “The royal penis is clean your highness”, a funny quote from a rap song that I used to listen to all the time in my friend Jon Colvin’s car.  Chuck said that quote derived […]

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HOLY COW!!  This game was so brilliant!  I was so amazed to see such great graphics plus, most importantly, a super sweet story line! The character development and their conversations were so excellent!  And there were many life lessons told, such as, “Don’t sit back and wait…take action and do something about it yourself!”  More […]

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Popped in another movie from Matt… Such a great movie.  Great story, dialogue, and theme revelation.  Watch this!!  Tom Cruise rocks it with Diaz and other hot shots!  A great cry.

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Snuggled at home, I popped Training Day in the computer that my friend, Matt, let me borrow. Denzel Washington and the other lead guy do a great job telling a movie-long story within a time setting of one typical day!  Great shots, acting, and action!

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i saw godfather II and III at the apartment. i didn’t like these movies as much as the first one.  al pacino kicks butt still, but the story telling was sacrificed for a character development story.  great movie quality in this whole series!

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Robots rule!

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Not as sweet as Star Wars!

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Wolverine rules!