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I just checkout out a play near Webster campus that three of my Cabaret pallies were in.  Paul Balfe played this cool barber character as well as a commanding captain; Nate McClure played one of the prisoners, and Doug Erwin played the innkeeper.  The story was so confusing to me!  I knew this Don character […]

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I just sold my first ever SWEET road bike I owned since Summer 2007.  My beautiful, red and yellowy champion roadster; conqueror of a sprint and quarter tri, hundreds (probably at least a thousand) of street and path riding miles; now in the hands of another college kid.  May He feel the great winds and […]

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‘Once Upon A Mattress’ ended Sunday.  What a tight show it was!  The crowds were great in number along with their reactions majority of the time, and the cast rocked to work with.  I will miss the fun dances, backstage action, kind faces, and the hangouts after.  Until the next show! I started a new […]