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It was a radical day!  Started off with the 5-mile race downtown at 9am, followed by some video shooting gig for college lacrosse at CBC High School, then my bike team’s fundraiser all the way until midnight! I have attached stills and a video of my day downtown.  I love my GoPro!!

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People came from all over this past weekend, from Phoenix to D.C. to New York, to the Fabulous Fox Theatre for ‘America’s Got Talent’.  People waited several hours to get a chance to watch from the best seats in the house, all free too, the acts from all auditioners. I was booked to help with […]

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I had a promo gig for Ubisoft’s new Ghost Recon game (coming out in May) through Attack! Marketing last night up in North County’s Game Stop stores. My friend Tyler was booked with me, so it was more fun to engage people!

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I took my new memory card-loaded GoPro for a whirl from my family work to home after some office errands. Here are some stills and a video of family and the ride:

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I just shot a silly music video with the help of my friend, Bernadette “Bear” Marty, and the motivation to do it from an online flirt! Here it is!  And some cute stills of the day! This couldn’t have happened without such weather and timing, too!

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My vocal class at Forest Park Community College has three recitals during the semester, so we can strut our stuff to a crowd! It was a sweet experience singing my first solo! Here it is on my mini cam!