my own website!?!? SWEET!!
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stl-indy flag

I made a music video with the footage I took in Ireland last July. The best week of the summer… Watch here!!

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An updated demo reel!

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I just checked out their website, curious to see if they had made a new demo reel using a green screen shot they took of me…and they did! Thanks again, Menagerie Models!

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I thought it would be great to have a fun-raiser to help promote the Rocky shows at the Tivoli every Halloween, so I came up with a car wash idea during the hot of the summer! It was great to interact with passer-by’s in Tivoli theatre’s side parking lot, as well as rock out to […]

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I had befriended Alyson Mace, founder of Sauce Magazine, during the human chess piece back in Winter; a very interesting, vibrant woman!  I then ran into her again at the lovely Amsterdam pub to then stir up my interest in wanting to shoot video at her annual summer bash food tasting in June. Here’s what […]

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I just shot a silly music video with the help of my friend, Bernadette “Bear” Marty, and the motivation to do it from an online flirt! Here it is!  And some cute stills of the day! This couldn’t have happened without such weather and timing, too!

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Screen shot 2011-12-21 at 4.34.14 AM

I made a comedy short of my two actors and I backstage during our last show of Nutcracker.  Turned out sweet! Here are some silly pics and the video:

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Screen shot 2011-12-09 at 12.58.58 PM

I applied for a posting online to help with a Doritos shoot, and I got to help as a background actor!  Was nice to be a part of a cute video entry! Still shots!

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I just watched the finished results from a music video I helped PA over the summer…awesomeness!  This is Cavo- ‘Thick as Thieves': My body was burning all day on and off the rooftop!  From laying out the custom Cavo sticker decal to the several runs on foot for food and drinks! Cheers to Kyle & […]

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Picture 2

I was like, “Holy cow! About time!”, yesterday! I checked Blizzard’s site yesterday to see if they were ever going to put up video entries for their 20th Anniversary video contest, and they freakin’ DID! It was supposed to happen two months ago, and it didn’t, so I gave up looking around the time…until now! […]

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I just finished a video for my top-dog client, Discovering Options! This video was done for project made possible by the Fox Performing Arts Charitable Foundation, which is a popular granter for arts in St. Louis.  They sponsored a modern dance piece I saw a couple weekends ago at COCA, and even a community theatre […]

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This is Senate Bill 1070 footage I shot for US Legal Solutions over Summer 2010.  I was happy to hear from the client that it was going to be aired in South America!  International broadcast exposure, woohoo! Here it is on YouTube from a Colombian news program called “Teleantioquia Global”: