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An educational experience to act as an ‘aspie’ in a father/son-produced musical. Pictures of the journey from practice to Pride Fest appearance!

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I signed up to help as a parent in the opening scene of a Nutcracker production at Wash U’s Edison Theatre. A great group of actors and staff!

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Performing at Ivory Theatre: Friday, June 17th @ 8pm Saturday, June 18 @ 2 and 8pm Sunday, June 19 @ 2pm Thursday, June 23rd @ 8pm Friday, 24th @ 8pm Saturday, 25th @ 8pm Sunday, 26th @ 2pm I will serve as ‘Harry the Horse’, a hoodlum gangsta out of Brooklyn, NY, who loves to […]

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This weekend, and for the following two weekends, I will be playing as Brad and hanging out at the traditional Rocky shows at the Tivoli!  The showings are: Oct. 22, 23, 29, 30 Nov. 5 & 6 Shows start at Midnight!  Raffles, goodie bags, and cool t-shirts are available, too.

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I’m performing as Benjamin Pontipee, the 2nd eldest of seven brothers, in this axe-swingin’, bride-kidnapping adventure!! Includes a 10-minute challenge dance and Milly’s sweet home-baked pies!

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Come see me play Bobby the Cabaret Boy! And whichever comes first: The talent will blast your pants off… Or the Kit Kat Girls will steam you up & make you take them off!

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“Come, spend a night or two in the world’s most opulent, extravagant hotel. Perhaps you will find your fortune there, perhaps you will find true love, perhaps all of your dreams will come true…perhaps… It is 1928. The world is between wars, the stock market is booming, Berlin is the center of high life, and […]