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gold medal
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robbiehauptcomi won the race!  and i ran the wrong way, too!  lol!  

greg came with me, so that made it tighter.

there was this girl after the first mile that directed me and the few people behind me the wrong way.  so, i ran that way and made it to the finish first, BUT they said it wasn’t the right way.  

A guy said something like “15:00 minutes…that’s not possible”

then, i started running back to find my way back, and i saw 5ish people take a path that was used at the first mile.  i followed them, saw event race direction people, and eventually passed them.

because i was directed the wrong way, to make it fair, they added 90 seconds to my time, but i still demolished everybody.

heck yeah!

i saw hannah, my scene partner from “Thespians Gone Wild”, a play i did two weeks ago, natalie from my urinetown play (these were both this year AND my first cool plays ever!  musicals rock btw…), turk, a great athlete from intramurals at school, jessie carson from high school (she’s cute), and this girl named rhimi (sounds like rhyme E, and really cute!)  that i am interested in :)

quote from dad when i was 20 — “They can call you Woody da Wabbit.”

3 Comments to “gold medal”

  1. Tony says:

    Great job robbie! Always gotta have your apples!!!

  2. robbie says:

    heck yeah! apples so good!