my own website!?!? SWEET!!
my last spring semester= almost done!
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photo-10i can go above and beyond by doing a quick video for practicum, but must be done by week’s end.

i turned in my final paper today for english. yesssss! it was about the changing music culture in st. louis. those shows were tight at mississippi nights and galaxy.

chillin at bro’s. hanging in south county tonight, and don’t have much plans this week. rest feels good! my feet have aches.

i shot my first wedding on saturday for this year, and it went sweet. my partner, drew, was kind to work with. i had a nice lesson the day before from the managers which made it easy.

mother’s day was full of mother! i ate lunch and ice cream with
mom and mark, and watched celebrity apprentice with nancy and dad.

im hungry!

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