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here is a video that me and my friend matt did for our video animation class.  we had the same teacher and same assignment who was at my school and at matt’s.

my original idea for the video was a final fantasy-like battle.  it was hard to shoot it because i wanted it shot in daytime and it was hard to meet up with matt because either he had work, i had work, he slept in…it sucked getting together!  the semester was rolling and i was frettin’!

then, i just thought one night if i changed the idea i was so bent on.  and i’m super glad i did!  because i thought about matt and night time and…beer pong!  and i was thinking what i could do with my final fantasy idea, my costume ideas and all.  so, i thought of the 6 or 10 cup beer pong set up, and that i could wear one of my silly costumes for each cup, and then the name for the guy playing beer pong…the MASTA DISTRACTA!

i wrote a script, went to matt’s one night with my costumes, and we shot it together!  i wanted a party crowd to be in the video, but since no one was over, until adam came over, i put adam in the beginning as one of the lone last drinkers at the party.  him doing his over the coucher :)

the shots went sweet!  i did forget one, which we had to resetup one of the beer pong cup shots (which was pretty annoying, but determined to do!), and it turned out fine!  i took the best stripper robbie shot, too, though there were 3 cups in the shot instead of two, which stinks, but it’s funny to think that whoever notices that shot loves seeing me dance in my hot speedo! :)

thanks to matt and adam for being there for me!  and my brother greg for seeing me through the animation!



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