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photo-16photo-151yo wassup!

im chillin with the fratties at the South City YMCA for a dose of volleyball!  im doing good so far!  we almost won the first game then stunk the second game.  dad and greg stopped by to watch, whoopie!

photo-14geek week is week of competitive sports held once a year among the school’s geek system.  i played some basketball on monday and ran a mile so far.  i want to do bowling, a 4 by 8 relay, and soccer and strut my stuff!  

it is nice to see the greek life together having a good time.  a year ago, when i did this for the first time, there was some boring silence between everyone.  and now, it is sweet because everyone has gotten to meet.

i signed up for my last class yesterday!  im doing the 48 hour film project in st louis, and then i have to make a short film myself.  i will probably make a cry for help on here for talent!

and my grades are all in!  

A-   Scriptwriting

C+   English

A   Advanced Video Editing

A   Practicum

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