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fraternity failure
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photo-17i went up to mark twain with one of my fratty’s, matt, to finish a greek god competition.  i weighed in at 155 (instead of 162!).  this week has been super healthy for my body!  running+work.  for a max bench lift, i got 165, yay!  then, i had to do pull-ups=17.  long jump=no ruler.  50 meter dash=2nd place.  it was nice to meet and talk to the other guys doing it, too.

we had soccer following the greek god, but we didn’t have enough guys=forfeit.  the communication in the fraternity is null.  the excitement of rejoicing is, too.  i look forward to the end of the week all greek celebration and talk with the sweet greeks.

greek life has done much for me.  it gave me something to do.  filled my life with happiness like how it was in high school: to get to meet a network of people by the events that were held on and around campus.  i am motivated to keep doing things that i like!  so many sweet new friends now!

the cardinal games were sweet this week.  good money along with the fans that make work fun!

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