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Memorial and Matt’s
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photo-18I am moving into my friend, Matt’s, at the moment!  the bedroom looks good.  im using a keyboard slide tray for my laptop while i can play call of duty on a tv right up on the desk!

 my lease is up the end of the month up in noco.  my umsl experience: done!?  not yet!  one summer class, graduation in august, then joining the alumni association to keep fun tabs there.

the cardinal games were nice during the week.  on sunday, i came across a fan that saw me hawking down at disney!  travis from minnesota: he saw me as a water boy, and was happy about my dancing! :)  i want to continue this guest interaction!  as a vendor for many years..sure!  my knee made some twitches of pain going up steps, so i shouldn’t do this job for too long.  my body is important!

sunday night, i missed the banquet for greek week, which i was sad about.  i want to stop by the greek houses next weekend and say hi.

monday: matt prepared one of his rooms for me.  nice burgers and hot dogs, The Hole, natty, and my feet a break.

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  1. gregor haupilopogus says:

    let’s see some pics of the new place!