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Life back in SOCO
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c’est rad!

staying with matt is awesome.  the freedom is cool.  i’m comfortable with having anyone over.  i had my cool friend, kyra, over and introduced her to matt.  we put in new plants today, including this sweet pencil plant, like the ones in gladiator (maximus’ farm).  i had to buy the plant when we were at home depot.  the house looks pimp now.  grass trimmed, too.

this girl, kyra, is really nice!  someday, she will see this site! :)

on tuesday, i went to the tivoli in the loop with fratty scott, his sis mandy, roommate nick, and kyra to see the showing of the 48 hour film project we shot!  i was on the big screen!  it was a sweet feeling.  though as the last shot faded to black, i layed my face into my hands because i was disappointed with the film.  it bit our butts not having a boom mic or any reliable audio source, thus it was hard to hear the beginning dialogue and made me cringe.  edits weren’t snappy, so lots of story essence was lost.  and i was defeated to see the story end 10 seconds early, until i realized it was a good idea to end with the symbolism of taking out the ‘for sale’ sign instead of the dialogue.  though i was unhappy, i realized a finished result and turned in time for the sake of the contest is awesome and i am very happy the editor completed the job and did very good with what was shot.

time to go to gold’s with matt and clay!  bball and maybe more.

warcraft is still plaguing, though i am getting the bodily rest i need.  knee should be okay soon, and i want to start getting in the zone to teach group exercise :)

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