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my summer is just carrying along as i play warcraft relentlessly, though it might end soon.

i want to practice a routine this summer to use for routines at a gym.

i have to finish my final video for school then i can walk in august.  will star my brother, greg, and at least my dad for now.

waiting for job responses.  comon, hit me!  i should do an internship.

going to gym is nice.  body is rested and great!

had softball last night with the deadlines, and we played a fun game.  my brother got torn up by the dirt and my glove sucks.  we woulda won if i caught balls!

preparing for float trip for this weekend with childhood friends: matt, jon, brian, and more.  im excited!  i bought a cool waterproof stereo and plays a good volume, has a CD and ipod playa.  i might test out the WP camera my dad gave me, too.

time to finish packing and preparing my future!


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