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end of cards reg season!
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photo-33that’s right!  the cardinals ended their season today with a beautiful-weathered day!  im glad i decided to come work, as i debate whether to work or not because of what it does to my legs!  i am definitely okay leg wise after working, but i have the shoulder pain from the beer-tub strap, doh!  ladies, i need a massage!

the fans were sweet this season, and i enjoyed working around the other cardinal employees!  there are sweet chicks at the merch stands, kind older ushers, and vendors that made working great.  i’m glad i didn’t get a long-term injury like last season!  i look forward to the playoff game on saturday, and maybe make we make it to the world series :)

the weather is really chilly!  i brought winter gear into my apartment from home, and am psyched to freeeze!  ill miss thou, great summer of my life!

gosh!  i logged back on here and i had about a thousand spams.

my roommates and i bicker away!  “You gotta pay the troll toll!”: this funny line from danny devito on ‘It’s Alway’s Sunny…. oh, mandy says “It’s media literacy week!” joy!

i sing :”Litterbug!”  I made this fun parody for “Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go.”

“Oh, you know what it is, bitch.”

These two are pro movie-line quoters.

October is here!  Yeehaw!!

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