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Photo 37I’ve been at my new place in The Loop for almost two weeks now.  Not bad!  It was a cold start, as my roommate doesn’t like turning on the heat.  Got a space heater, whew!  And I am excited to run around here when it gets warmer!

My roommate’s name is Ling Li.  She is a grad student at Wash U, and fluent in English, too.  It is nice to talk with her, and she tells me I should come to China and teach English :)

I’ve had my new job for a week now.  C’est rad!  I daytime host almost every day at Canyon Cafe in Plaza Frontenac.  The coworkers are great, as well as the business there.

I’m also in a musical that just started up!  We had the first group meeting last weekend, and my practices are now starting!  The play will be showing this April in the Olivette Community Center, and is called “The Grand Hotel”.  I will play a bellboy as well as do dance numbers!

Let’s Go 2010!!!!

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