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March Marvelousness!
Categories: dailyness

Photo 38The weather is definitely awesome again!

Musical practices are going sweet!  I’m participating in my second musical, which is showing this April!  Grand Hotel at your service!

My birthday is right around the corner!  This Saturday, March 27th!!!

The Cardinal season for vending is in three weeks!  I wonder how many games my legs can take :)

My first kickball league, and softball with The Deadlines, starts soon, too!!

Work is going tight at the Canyon Cafe.  I just tried some of their new hits: Tropical Tacos, Bison Burger, Shrimp Quesadilla=YUM!

The Loop is an alright place to live!  My roommate, Ling, is going back to China next month, and I will have Gary, her sweet Chinese friend that also plays badminton with us, as my new roommate.

Wuah hen Gaosing!  (I can’t spell Chinese…yet!)


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