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My Second Musical: The Grand Hotel
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40“Come, spend a night or two in the world’s most opulent, extravagant hotel. Perhaps you will find your fortune there, perhaps you will find true love, perhaps all of your dreams will come true…perhaps…

It is 1928. The world is between wars, the stock market is booming, Berlin is the center of high life, and optimism rules the day. Inspired by Viki Baum’s period novel, this musical is sure to sweep you away with all of the lavishness of the 1920s.”

I’ll be playing Georg, a bellman in Grand Hotel, and performing with the dance ensemble! ┬áCome watch me do ballroom dance and the Charleston!


April 16, 17, 23 & 24 @ 8:00PM

April 18 & 25 @ 2:00PM


The Olivette Community Center

9723 Grandview Drive, Olivette, MO 63132


General: $15.00 Senior/Student: $13.00

TO RESERVE TICKETS: 636-328-6546


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