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April Antics!
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Photo 41Wasup dawgs!

April is in the house!

The weather be tight, and life is spicing up fo shizzle!

I just got a full day of theatre fun helping load in the stage set, and do a couple run throughs with the now-in-place orchestra!  Boy, am I excited to see all these costumes, props, music, and great actors come all together!

Tomorrow starts another season working at the Cards games!  I hope the beer hauling doesn’t get to my legs once again.  If it does, I am for sure getting the knee surgery I need.

On Friday, I had my first MRI for my right knee.  Bone structure x-ray was fine, though by next Friday, I’ll find out what’s really wrong (everyone’s saying miniscous tear).  I do feel fine with it, but then again, it is an annoying kink in the middle of my knee that prevents me from comfortably, 100%, moving around.  I am hoping I will just need PT instead of surgery, though darn!  I want to get this acute pain out of here!!!!!

Back to Cards games!  They are bringing hot dog hawkers to the stadium this year!  So, that might be a lighter load to work with, and be a great item to sell to the guests!  Disney dogs…now Card dogs! :)

The weather is so great for bike riding!  And running around, tennis, soccer, etc. :)

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