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Hey May!
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Photo 42Dude!  This month has been great so far.

I started a new serving job at Market Pub House last Friday night.  The place is super rad!  Nice management, coworkers so far, and love the guest interaction!  My brother, Megan, and their friends came to see me my first night, which was so frightful for me!  Juggling tables is hard!  I am getting better by the day.

Tonight, I went out to the Ivory Theatre for the first meeting of another musical I am doing: Cabaret!  I am very excited to work with the cast and directors!  Yay for more dance moves!!

I had a fun video adventure down at the Convention Center on Saturday.  I interviewed a kind bishop, and surprisingly saw her later giving a big speech at an Immigrant Rights rally in Kiener Plaza.  Here are some pretty shots I took:

Happy May!! :D


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