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Darn it July!
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Photo 48I lost my job at Market Pub House almost a month ago already.  I can’t handle quick table service (more than three tables).  I miss the guest interaction there and the sweet coworkers.  I just cashed my last paycheck, and held in my sadness as one of the managers, Rick, handed it to me in kind words.

I had an interview with 90 Degrees West, a video production company (they made the Bud Select 55 bottle float commercial!), over Skype after sending my resume.  I didn’t make it to the next round after that, though.  I have a problem letting myself out in interviews.  Getting to know the company is one thing, but not knowing the people isn’t.  Will I ever get a media-related job?  The one year anniversary since graduation nears!

This past Sunday, I got an audition callback voice message for a part I didn’t want.  That really buried my hopes!  It was a downer for my love for dance.  So, I returned the call the next day, and lucky me…I was offered one of the parts I wanted that had opened!  I am happy to be a dancing brother in the musical: “Seven Brides for Seven Brothers”.

I continue to look for work!  My roommate, Denny, is going back to China for a couple months so the apartment will be way more lonely.  Tonight, my other roommate, Michael, and I are taking him out!  Peace!! :)

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