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Alas August!
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Photo 50‘Once Upon A Mattress’ ended Sunday.  What a tight show it was!  The crowds were great in number along with their reactions majority of the time, and the cast rocked to work with.  I will miss the fun dances, backstage action, kind faces, and the hangouts after.  Until the next show!

I started a new job Monday for brand ambassadoring an iPhone App for PNC Bank called ‘Virtual Wallet'; a tight way to watch and manage your money 24/7.  Training was cool, and look forward to the quick crowd interaction!

It’s been a year now since i graduated at UMSL!  I still seek a great full-time media-related job, and especially for a video one.  The freelance video is cool, and hope I find increasing opportunity in it.  I am also seeking cool guest interaction jobs and musical theatre roles!

I am nursing a darn neck injury :(  I will never perform a flip in the wrong time and place again!

Practices for ‘Seven Brides and Seven Brothers’ are going cool!  The dances are hard for me, because of the ballet positions and movements.  Turns…aye!  There is a comfy social aroma in the air amongst the cast and should make this play turn out great!  It starts the first week of October!

Time to rest a bit! :)  Happy August!


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