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“Man of La Mancha”- Insight Theatre Co
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377LaManchaI just checkout out a play near Webster campus that three of my Cabaret pallies were in.  Paul Balfe played this cool barber character as well as a commanding captain; Nate McClure played one of the prisoners, and Doug Erwin played the innkeeper.  The story was so confusing to me!  I knew this Don character was thrown in this “prison”, but I couldn’t understand the storytelling through their lines and actions.  There were supposed dream instances, thus this popular song “The Impossible Dream”, that the lead, Don, went through.  I didn’t know the synopsis of this play going into it, so it was hard for me to tell what was going on.  I think they could’ve done better lighting cues, or if wasn’t that, line delivery.  The theatre was great looking, and was jam-packed o’ peeps to see this Saturday night show.  Too bad the show sorta stunk!  The singers were good, and I really enjoyed the body language of the prisoners.  This cute horsey dance will always stick in my head, as I am a fan of kicking my feet out like a horses when I am showing off my running legs :)  This theatre just got a new grant, too, so they will probably have more sweet shows in the future.  As I walked out, I got to say hi to my playmates and also ran into Matt Brimer of the Brimer family whom I played Affton floor hockey with when I was younger.  I think my dad was his godfather?  Anywho, that night was sweet!  Afterwards, I saw Moonlight Ramble for the first time.  I volunteered last minute and was stationed at the starting gates for the 10,000+ bikers!  It was freakin’ fun!  I hope to ride it or volunteer again next year!39100_118490568198234_100001118736586_103784_4246940_n


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