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Oktober, Yah!
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STRR023035_01What a good month it has been!

I have been getting good hours at work.  I am currently working a Dairy Fully Fueled tour at grade schools around the St. Louis area, and have other gigs lined up this month, and maybe months to come!  I may be promoting Microsoft Xbox’s new hands-free console, Kinect, during the holidays.  Next weekend, I am helping recruit contestants for Wheel Of Fortune at River City Casino!  I am thankful for my brother’s advice getting into this field, and new friends that have helped me found more work!

I am finishing up my Seven Brides musical this weekend!  Oct. 8, 9, and 10th.  At the end of this month, I am involved with the Rocky Horror productions at Tivoli!  Damnit Janet…I love you!!!!

My work friend, Tyler, took that pic of me during his Stride gum promotion when I saw him in The Loop :)


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