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I just finished watching Moulin Rouge for the third time I believe…so great!




And above all… {there’s a refresher at the end of the credits ;) }


This sorta puts me back in gear for what I want.  I’ve been troubling myself trying to find love online, and I think I’ll go with the phase away from it again.  Hoorah!

Hip Haupt Hoorah! :)

I also watched ‘The Sound Of Music’ for the first time recently.  So THAT’s where the ‘Do Ray Me’ and ‘These Are A Few Of My Marvelous Things” songs came from :)  That was another radtastical movie!

I ALSO watched Chicago for the first time.  Richard Geere is P.I.M.P..  And so are Catherine Zeta and Zellweger…pimpstresses!  The love of musical theatre roams my heart even more!

I wonder what musical I will be doing next!?  I am waiting to pounce on the next one :)


3969639Screen shot 2010-10-28 at 12.04.52 AMMoulin-Rouge

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