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Gold Medal
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Photo 58Holy cow!  This race was another comedic finish!

The race started at 9AM.

My dad called me at 8AM asking if I was going, but I told him I wanted to skip it, muscles were tired, and needed rest!

I then debated until 8:30ish, got outta bed, and started getting ready!  I had to book it down to Webster Groves downtown if I was even gonna make it.

Left the house at 8:42ish, got there at 4 minutes till, bibbed up 1 minute till, then ran over to the start line!  My first race where I hadn’t warmed up hardly at all.

It was fun running it with all my winter gear.  I stripped it off just in time for the start!  “You better hurry up!”  exclaimed others :)

I sure DID hurry up!  I took first with a 18:5x time.  Easy win!!

There was free ice cream from DQ at the corner, one of my childhood fav locations after Sunday church.  They had a sweet, sleek silver ice cream push cart.

I won a family value meal at Psghetti’s ($22 value!)  and several free ice cream coupons.  Yummm!!!  And another medal :)

Tonight is the last performance of Rocky Horror at Tivoli.  I’m so excited!  And I ain’t gonna hide it!!


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