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My First Caroling Experience! And Santy Is In Town!
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…T’was downtown at the Kiener Plaza for the annual Christmas Day lighting!

Santa Claus came, too!  He was rockin’ out with Fredbird to this popular guy playing the piano, Ernie Hays.  I think he plays at Busch!  Since they played “Take Me Out To The Ballgame” :)

And there were dancing Xmas trees with sweet designs: camo, and Old Man Winter!  He gave me this cool Xmas seed which helped me plant a great start of Xmas spirit in the soil that was already dug :)

And my roommates came!  And my brother and his wife and their friend, Katie!  We exchanged some tight tidings!

Then I adventured with my roommates over to the Macy’s which was flourishing with spirit!  Free cookies and candy!  Singing elves and performers shared all the floors of the building!

On the top floor was a Nutcracker live demonstration!  We watched it, and made me want to be a professional dancer.  Such great leaps and flexibility!  And I so want a ballerina as a friend for life!

We engaged conversation with a couple of the ballerinas, which was so delightful!, and we even got to talk to them after over at Hooters!  It was a funny situation to me, since it involved my puppydog-staring roommates and social butterfly dancers.  I thought we wouldn’t get a chance to talk with them, but we did!  And now, I am in love with one of them :)

Here is a picture our Caroling group director took of us last night!  And a link to a performance they did on Channel 11 this past Tuesday! :,0,1598409.story

Here are pics taken from my brother and roommate!

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