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A Million Hits!
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I love decorating my website with all these holidays posts! :)

Our family music video hit a million views TODAY!  Nov. 27th, 2010.

A whole year ago, actually 366 days ago, I was at the Galleria shooting for the video on the crazy Black Friday.  I had taken some of the most pretty natural shots!

It was then finished three weeks before Christmas.  Slapped it on Youtube, and wow…what it has done!  A powerful Christian Christmas message to all!  My cousin Becky and Uncle Steve had a great fan following prior, as they had been making family Christmas CD’s for at least seven years now.  I still have some CD’s sitting in my car and laying around somewhere :)

I am thankful for the attention people gave it, and it really puts a smile on my face after having my tough times of finding a media-related job.  My older brother has been responsible, yet again, for the brand ambassador work line that I am in right now since this past August.  I wouldn’t be so successful without him!  Go Greg Go!!

*High Five* Greg, Becky, and Uncle Steve!!  Good stuff!!

Happy Holidays 2010!!


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