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Small World St. Louis
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The weekend was a cluster of run-in’s and tight-knit theatre community!

I went to Muny auditions, and had the hospitality of three Sweet Charity teammates. It made it worthwhile going as I did not enjoy not being skilled enough to audition! A ‘Cabaret’ and ‘Wheel Of Fortune’ promo teammate were also there!

That evening, I ate at El Maguey in Zee Loop with my landlord where I walked by my badminton buddy eating. Walking back to the apartment: two ‘Ultra Guys’ set designers in a store window whom I pounced on!

While selling Sodastream at Bed Bath, I walked up to two video clients I met over the summer. “We have more video work…”–those are some great words to hear!

I zoomed to downtown STL for an audition after that, and ran through a dark alley to then run into a helpful couple–“This building is so-and-so address…” The guy recognized me, and my light bulb clicked. We were ex-frats from Sig Pi-St. Louis and Edwardsville.

During my audition, a woman appeared and it was a stage manager from ‘Once Upon A Mattress’ in SoCo. I had wowed myself for the final ‘Small World St. Louis’ time!

I like a tight-knit community! :)

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