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Blizzard’s Memory Contest Finalist!!
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I was like, “Holy cow! About time!”, yesterday!

I checked Blizzard’s site yesterday to see if they were ever going to put up video entries for their 20th Anniversary video contest, and they freakin’ DID! It was supposed to happen two months ago, and it didn’t, so I gave up looking around the time…until now! I made one of eight selected!!!

Two and a half weeks ago, they started the voting for the finalists! I wish I would have known about it and spread the joy earlier! So, I did over the past 24 hours! Voting closed the day I found out, sorta shucks, but oh well! They used “Like” voting through Facebook users, and I think the highest voted video is well deserved! Mine made 7th!

Blizzard brought me great memories with friends and family growing up! From the beginnings watching my step-bro play Warcraft 2 with the hip new laptop invention against his friend to the never-ending nights raiding on World of Warcraft with strangers across the online world. Technology has brought us great entertainment, and look forward to Blizzard’s next new game, Diablo 3, when I’ll get to team up with my childhood friends and enjoy more great times of new adventure!

Cheers, Prosit, & Salute, Blizzard!!


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