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The Heat is On!
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I’ve sang that song a lot this summer, as I’ve been putting up with these hot temperatures all summer sitting in my apartment or while out and about!

This past month sorta flew by pathetically. Video game endeavors didn’t make me feel good while I sat and waited for work to happen. Also had some fail interviews. My new situation: Starting a valet job at Chase Park Plaza (thanks to a frat friend) while I juggle promo work and my musical theatre interests.  I’m hoping to put some more video into my life, too.

Last night, I went to see a rock show to specially see an old friend jam. His band is called ‘The Fuck Off And Dies” (funny, right!?) Rockin’ they were, and the headline band was just okay (Unwritten Law). I almost pantsed the lead singer, but he had a belt on and he ended up grabbing my head calling me out for a suckin’! That’s what happens when you tease a bored crowd by sagging down to your crotch :) My roommate, Michael, was my fine guest for the evening. I am thankful for his company when I want someone to tag along!

I am about to head to my mom’s for the weekend in Champaign with my older brother and his wife. She just sold her house and will be our last whoorah at her beautifully gardened home. May she live happily in her next dwelling with her sweet hubby, and her kids have a rockin’ time there and in Chicago, baby! :)

Here is a picture of a golf outing with my mom for her bday: July 9th, and of me holding my brother’s own, Henry!

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