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Awww August!
Categories: dailyness

This month is ending with sad and happy times!

I lost my valet job at Chase Park. :(  I rear-ended into a lone-standing brick pole while I was comfortably backing up into a parking space.  CRUNCH!!  lol.  It was an Escalade, too!!

I just got a call back to be cast in a community show musical: Cannibal, which was created by the South Park guys.  It should be super fun!  Especially because I get to wear fur clothes and show off some skin as a fur trapper and witness the comedy of this production unravel!

I helped as a set bitch a couple weekends ago for a music video shoot for Cavo, a St. Louis band that I never heard of.  It was a sweet work opportunity, and I am excited to see the finished product! :)

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