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Sup September!
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The month is leading me into yet another wonderful Holiday season!

I made some sweet purchases this month, including a new winter jacket, Rowbike, and skunk fur hat!

Had a sweet outing with my roommates to a Cardinal game on 9/9.  I conjured my first crowd wave ever!

SodaStream, one of my promo gigs, has started giving me hours to demonstrate again!  They now sell their machines at Kitchen Collection, Best Buy, and Costco!

I had a cortisone shot on 9/16 in my neck where I had banged it up from August of 2009.  My nerves brought my mind to do something about the pain, and had a successful stoppage to the constant acute pain I had over the past year!  It is a big sigh of relief, and I am excited to live it up newly!

I jumped in a production by Arts For Life that’s benefitting Joplin and St. Louis tornado victims.  Doing choreography and some ensemble singing!  Info here:

Cannibal the Musical, my next musical production, is underway next week until its performances in November.  It should be a raditastical show!  Info here:

The weather is totally Fall now!  Let’s do it, Holidays!! :D

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