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My First Cycling Race- Loop De Loop!
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When the day came, I had already been pumped as I had obligated myself to shoot video of the event. So, I took my bike over there just to check it out, and I found myself in the last-chance time window of opportunity to sign up for my first ever race! I was very anxious and nervous when waiting in line to register, and knew this was the sweetest time to do this, especially on my favorite street: Delmar Loop!

What a thrill the race was! And my results: hahaaa!! I thought I would do well going into the race! I got myself in first position after the start of the race. “First place, baby!” I thought! As we came in for Lap 2, the flock of seagulls had ALL flown past me! I went from first to last in a jiffy. So! I learned my lesson: ride in the pack to catch the good side of the wind :)

At least I didn’t get last place! :) Passed a few stragglers, including one stud of a teenager that was in this Category 4/5 race.

Here are the results!

So the rest of the day was sweet! Being amped up on race adrenaline :) I whipped out my camera for these top pros at night, and made this short:

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