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friday! mother’s weekend!
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photo-9chillin at bro’s. we’re about to meet up with momma and mark for fooood.

yesterday, i went to the loop to meet up with this girl, kyra, to accompany her for a first tattoo. it was a fun time! especially to see her take the needles o’ pain!

we stopped by ragorama after where i bought some cool dress shirts and a sweet boy scout uniform, and ate at ben n jerrys. i also had sweet friend run-ins with my pledge mommy and her friend, rebecka from urinetown and thespians, and tyler from concerts.

i played my first game of softball. i went 0 for 3, and had one important catch in the outfield, so i wasn’t completely useless.

happy mother’s day weekend!

3 Comments to “friday! mother’s weekend!”

  1. Lauren Mergenthaler says:

    hahaha. You’re website cracks me up. I’m totally jealous. I hope DZ and Sig Pi aren’t matched up for softball during greek week. lol. ttyl robbie

  2. robbie says:

    hey lauren! glad you like! :) yeah, that would be sweet if we were on the same team. if not, oh well! it’ll be a good greek hangout!