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Thirsty Thursday!
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photo-12Thirsty for orange juice!  Yeah!

Yesterday, I edited the video for my classmate, Martha.  She (and her booty) helped me with my Love Robbie Sexy video, so this was payback!

I had a headache at after-school, because I puffed a cigar the most I’ve ever done the night before.

I exercised to keep fit for the week of sports next week for my school’s Greek Week.  I hope I do good again!

Time for Forest Park with Jason Cannon.  This will be my last practicum assignment if done by tomorrow!  He was my sweet acting teacher and director for Urinetown, and I need his interview for a one-minute piece.

Softball tonight, yeah!  I hope I get a base hit this time.

Also!  I have an A for video class and A- for scriptwriting so far!  Yay!  Those were my favorite classes.  English was okay, and practicum was a large array of video assignments, which was sweet.

3 Comments to “Thirsty Thursday!”

  1. gregor haupilopogus says:

    it looks like you live in a tomb.

  2. robbie says:

    yeap. and no AC required.