my own website!?!? SWEET!!
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i won the race!  and i ran the wrong way, too!  lol!   greg came with me, so that made it tighter. there was this girl after the first mile that directed me and the few people behind me the wrong way.  so, i ran that way and made it to the finish first, BUT […]

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i haven’t done this since…the last race for the cure!  that race is tight, because all of st.louis runs and i get to wear fun bunny ears! this one is for umsl’s optometry: run for sight 5k.  i’m excited for the workout!  and to see umsl faces. -robbie

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i’m chillin at my bro’s still continuing life digitization and homework. two more papers then semester is done! this site and youtube is fun to have, and i’m excited to see it evolve! boomer the dog left a nasty smell residue from rolling in poop in this room, but he’s clean now after bath by […]

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well…sorta! in it, i lived another college+fraternity experience. i was in this sweet house: three stories. the dream is fading fast from my brain, aye! I would go on adventures with the fraternity, and two i can remember involved horrible pain! we had to conquer this ogre of the lake. we waited at a dock, […]

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i’m sitting here with my brother and we are making a digital life for me.  from making my own youtube, website, email (…hah!), twitter…this will keep me motivated! i want to keep my networking rollin’ here.   i also want to continue delighting myself and others. go eat some food if you’re hungry! -robbie