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People came from all over this past weekend, from Phoenix to D.C. to New York, to the Fabulous Fox Theatre for ‘America’s Got Talent’.  People waited several hours to get a chance to watch from the best seats in the house, all free too, the acts from all auditioners. I was booked to help with […]

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I had a promo gig for Ubisoft’s new Ghost Recon game (coming out in May) through Attack! Marketing last night up in North County’s Game Stop stores. My friend Tyler was booked with me, so it was more fun to engage people!

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I took my new memory card-loaded GoPro for a whirl from my family work to home after some office errands. Here are some stills and a video of family and the ride:

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I found a sweet deal online, and pulled the trigger this past Sunday. I took it to tennis and captured my first video.  I am happy to see this wide-angle coverage! Look forward to capturing more beautiful angles of life’s adventures with this little thing!

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Time to see this ‘sea of green’ run in St. Louis!  My first time running this one! (I think?  I just had another run’s memories flash in my head!) I’ll be dressing up, complimentary of a new runner friend I’ve made! -Robblehead

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I just got involved with a human game of chess production! A very talent visual artist and choreographer have trained me well so far! I get to play as a Knight, which involves some fun jumping, face, and horsey motions! Here is a flyer for this one-night event next week, and some cool stills from […]

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My brother, Greg, and cousin, Stevie, helped me shoot a video short that I made to promote fundraising/fun-raising for my super bike ride in June! Check it out! And here are some sweet stills of the shooting!

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I just signed up today for this event which takes place in June in California!  It will be a 545-mile bike ride for 7 days! All because of my soda slinging at Crate & Barrel in the Fall, I met two guys that whipped up this gossip in a conversation.  I finally pulled the trigger […]

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Running this 5K on January 14th!  Look forward to the morning get-up and the post-race action here at home in The Loop!

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Opens tomorrow night to public!  What a great show to be a part of!  This comedy has the good kind of humor I play as O.D. Loutzenheiser, a fur trapper, and a body-double to the lead Here is show info:

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The month is leading me into yet another wonderful Holiday season! I made some sweet purchases this month, including a new winter jacket, Rowbike, and skunk fur hat! Had a sweet outing with my roommates to a Cardinal game on 9/9.  I conjured my first crowd wave ever! SodaStream, one of my promo gigs, has […]

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This month is ending with sad and happy times! I lost my valet job at Chase Park.  I rear-ended into a lone-standing brick pole while I was comfortably backing up into a parking space.  CRUNCH!!  lol.  It was an Escalade, too!! I just got a call back to be cast in a community show musical: […]

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I’ve sang that song a lot this summer, as I’ve been putting up with these hot temperatures all summer sitting in my apartment or while out and about! This past month sorta flew by pathetically. Video game endeavors didn’t make me feel good while I sat and waited for work to happen. Also had some […]

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My older brother’s baby pops in about a month. My younger brother just got engaged. I want to go on the bachelor TV show I went through a midlife crisis at 25 years-old this month, and really want to find out how to spice life up with hope for the finding of a more solid […]

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The weekend was a cluster of run-in’s and tight-knit theatre community! I went to Muny auditions, and had the hospitality of three Sweet Charity teammates. It made it worthwhile going as I did not enjoy not being skilled enough to audition! A ‘Cabaret’ and ‘Wheel Of Fortune’ promo teammate were also there! That evening, I […]

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I am super happy, because someone just video recorded me while working!  Here is me presenting Sodastream, a homemade fresh soda maker I was trained to demonstrate through another promo company. I would love to be the next Billy Mays or Shamwow guy!  Demonstrating is so fun.  It’s a combo of guest interaction, theatre, exercise, […]

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Here are some videos my brother took during the Christmas weekend. Moi demonstrating SodaStream: a new device to make homemade fresh soda: And a very lightsaber Christmas! Happy New Year, Yo!! -Robblehead

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DANCE ST. LOUIS, Joffrey Ballet in Nutcracker at the Fox (snowflakes), photo by Herbert Migdoll

Man!  These Holidays be tight! I am so thankful for the events that have happened in this year.  From getting roles in popular musical theatre shows, new family endeavors, to the gifts around my Xmas tree which are mostly mine! I just had my final caroling performance at The Boulevard at Galleria, and my last […]